The Canadian Clay and Glass Museum

Last week our class went to the Clay and Glass Museum in Waterloo. Though I do not know much about clay and glass art, I was really looking forward to this experience to broaden my experience on different forms of art. I was also excited that we were doing something different in this class as apposed to just sitting in lectures (like most other professors make you do unfortunately).

 To give you some background, I do not know much if anything about ‘good’ clay and glass art so I was entering this museum with not much of a clue of what I was expecting to see. I think deep down I subconsciously had some expectations of the types of crafts I was expecting to see since when I didn’t see anything like the images in my mind, i was a little disappointed. Though I do not know much about art, I have always enjoyed looking at art in museums just to see the types of things people create and how much diversity there is in people’s ideas.

I will try to summarize some of my thoughts through some of the pictures I took and explain why I could or couldn’t relate to the art.

The overall experience was interesting. I loved that we were able to get a tour of the entire space and see the functionality of the facility. It was also informative to learn about the educational programs offered and to see how this facility and others like it have to run with limited resources and staff and make use of their limited space. Being a business student, it was interesting to be able to hear first hand from the director about running the museum and the challenges they face (like any other facility or business would).

The exhibition we got to see was called Reflective Natures and Transparent Landscapes and it ran till this Sunday, October 2nd, 2011. I personally could not resonate much with this exhibition as I didn’t feel any of the pieces standing out to me or speaking to me. I did enjoy looking at them though and it was wonderful to experience something that I knew nothing about to see how I felt about it and to learn something new.

Below are some of the pictures I took:

Benjamin Kikkert

Trap of Past by Benjamin Kikkert - I thought this piece by Benjamin Kikkert was cool to look at because of the intricate details made into the glass. Other than that, it didn't connect with me on any levels but i liked the use of colours and details.

Benjamin Kikkert Trap of Past by Benjamin Kikkert

Jennifer Bueno

"Great Barrier Reef" by Jennifer Bueno - This piece by Jennifer Bueno was also 'pleasant' to look at and I liked the use of class and colour but again, I felt like it was missing something.

One exhibit which I thought was different and was a bit more interactive than the rest and actually engaged me for a few minutes was Salt, Fire and Light Between the Line of Age by Andre Fournelle. This involved a graphic and a light flickering and doing a variety of things. The whole demonstration took about 7 minutes to watch. What kept me intrigued was that there was some variety in what was happened and therefore made me think about what was going on. I still didn’t completely get it, but it kept me interested much longer than the other pieces and I felt like there was more of a story to it that the viewer could try to interpret.

Salt, Fire and Light Between the Line of Age by Andre Fournelle

Below are some of the other pictures I took:

Sheelerville Reactor by Afred Engerer

Overall, it was a great experience visiting the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum and I would definitely consider going back to look at future exhibits and become more aware of other types of art.


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