Rest in Peace Steve Jobs…

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to…love what you do. – Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. – Steve Jobs –

So yesterday was a very sad day for the technological world and I think for the entire world. Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple. inc) passed away. And though I knew he was sick and had stepped down from his CEO position, it was still a shock for me. I was sitting in class frantically trying to copy down everything the professor was saying and I got a breaking news alert on my iPhone giving me the news of Steve Jobs passing away.  My heart sank to my stomach. I never thought I would feel a sense of emptiness for a person I have never met.  Steve Jobs was a true visionary and innovator. He changed the way we see technology and the world. He made t possible for thousands of other people to follow their dreams using the devices he created to make it easier for them.

So you may be wondering how this is relevant to culture and a culture management course. Well I think Steve helped transform popular culture. I use twitter (@shahrukhzangel) and last night when the news broke, millions of people’s sadness could be felt and interestingly mostly people who were not technology “geeks”. Writers, actors, musicians, artists were all expressing their sadness because Apple products made technology useful and relevant for the common person. For musicians, Apple changed the way music was bought, made and listened too (iTunes and Garageband). People could create music on their Mac’s without having to purchase any additional software. For people who wanted to express themselves to the world, there was the podcast. People could use podcasts to tell a story or have their own show. For artists, photographers or graphic designers, Apple made it easier to create, edit and publish art, photos and websites. Programs like iMovie gave anyone the ability to create professional looking videos to share with friends, family and the world on youtube for example. The App store gave people a platform to create programs and share content with the world about any possible thing under the sun. Apple products give people the power to be creative and have a voice and this is huge for culture and the way our society has evolved in the last 30 years.

Steve Jobs was definitely an inspiration to me and to many and will be greatly missed.


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