Ra.one Movie Premiere

So I got some super duper exciting news a few days ago and have been dying to write about it but just haven’t had much time due to the long weekend.

A huge movie premier staring my favourite actor, Shahrukh Khan will be happening in Toronto on the 26th of October. To understand how huge this is, bollywood film premiers with SHAHRUKH KHAN just haven’t EVER.HAPPENED.HERE!!

The premiere will be taking place at the TIFF Lightbox and will be a huge Bollywood event. Events like this make me feel so proud to live in Canada and in Toronto specifically. Having the chance to experience my families culture and the Bollywood movies and stars  I have grown upright in my backyard is amazing! Having IIFA here this past summer and now this just makes me really appreciate the arts and culture that I get to experience living in Ontario and the way different cultures are promoted and accepted here.

Ra.One is a huge budget bollywood superhero film and one of the first of its kind. It has famous singer Akon singing in it which is also huge for a bollywood film. This film is really trying to advance indian cinema and take it to international levels and this makes me very excited and proud.

Events like this really show how universal everyone’s culture is and if we just stay open minded, there is so much out there to experience and learn about and so many other cultures to appreciate.

Go watch Ra.One opening in theatres on October 26th!


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