“All of the Lights” Fundraiser Event for Children’s 10

So I know I haven’t written on here for a while but life had just gotten a bit crazy and I have so much to say just not enough time to write it all up. I have to post about my wonderful experience at the Ra.One Movie Premier in Toronto which happened on October the 26th. I will be post that shortly a long with some other topics I wanted to talk about.

So last Thursday, I went to a charity event at my my school’s on-campus pub called “All of the lights” which was basically a talent show the Tamil Students Association put on to raise money for a children’s charity called “Childrens 10” which they started to raise money to give technology to kids so that they can empower themselves and learn through technology.

Though I knew I would be seeing various kinds of talent at this talent show, I for some reason wasn’t expecting to be blown away by anything and was just going to contribute to the fundraiser and help raise money for the charity. I was actually amazed by some of the acts that performed from singing, dancing, people playing instruments, rapping, beat boxing,and so on. I was blown away by the hidden talent the University of Waterloo has (or hidden to me anyways)! This was a local on campus event which cost just 8 dollars and I got some great entertainment that evening. I think there is so much available to experience and learn on campus but since most of us don’t go looking for it, we don’t get to see it. I happen to go to this event because a friend convinced me to accompany her and I figured why not do something different and experience some of the arts and culture happening at our school! I think events like this go unnoticed and most people don’t know what they are missing and this happens with arts and culture in our communities as well. It’s not that people wont enjoy it, it’s that people don’t go out of their way to go to try new things that they may actually love and could add a lot of value to their lives.

One of the dance acts that was very interesting to watch:

Some pictures from the event:


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