There’s value in the arts – The Calgary Herald

“Government investment in the arts actually produces profound economic returns.”


I came upon this article about arts funding in tough economic times. The quote above really stood out to me and really shows how so many people just have it all wrong. Many people feel that in tough economic times when communities need money for snow removal or police services and those are being cut, then the “frills” such as funding for the arts should be cut as well.

“Calgary’s arts sector contributes more than $100 million to the local economy, with an attendance of three million at 8,400 event nights per year in cultural activities.” Those numbers are reflective of a great economic impact. Despite this, the article mentions that Calgary has the lowest for-arts funding among big cities in Canada. Calgary also doesn’t have any contemporary arts gallery which local people are disappointed about.

Another good point made is that the arts makes streets safer as it keeps people out and about and livens up the city leading to other great things for the city. Calgary probably won’t the extra funding for the arts this year or maybe even next year but it is nice to see people sticking up for the arts and realizing the positive impact it has on any city.


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