Art in our daily lives…

So I am currently studying for exams but at the back of my mind, I have been thinking about art and stuff to talk about for this blog post. What really fascinates me about art is that it can exist anywhere. It doesn’t have to be in the form of paintings or photography or sculptures or theatre. I am technology buff – a ‘geek’, and I love seeing how creativity and art has started to become integrated with technology and gadgets. What inspired me to think about this was my love for creative iphone cases. It really is amazing how iphone 4 cases have become a way for people to express themselves. It is so fascinating to see the designs out there.

Then I started looking at creative christmas gifts and cards for the holidays and I started realizing that I just loved when art and creativity was integrated with random stuff. For example, I love creative laptop covers, artsy shoes, ornaments, and just any daily items that integrate some artistic creativity or talent to evolve a product from just a product to something more meaningful.

I thought I could showcase my top interesting iphone cases as that is what inspired me to think about this and then continue showcasing interesting artistic items as part of a multi-part blog.

My top iphone 4 cases:

Moleskin Journal Case


This would inspire creativity and I have always loved lego so this case would be expressive for me.

Camera Case

I love photography as well and for people interested in taking pictures with their iphone, this would be a pretty creative and expressive case.

Cassette Case

I thought this case was interesting, especially for people who like music or like the retro look.

Last, but not least, I like how there are cases that allow you to be creative at home and customize them yourself. I have one like this one my phone which has pictures of my favourite actor:

My iPhone Case


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