The role of social networking in my life

So I’v decided to sidetrack a bit from my initial plan to expand on the previous most and get back to it in a bit.

I have been thinking about the role social networking has played on my life. I just wanted to get this out there even though it is excessively talked about by just about everyone. I know everyone thinks their addicted to checking their Facebook at least 50 times a day and it distracts them from school..blah blah blah. Yes everyone does have this problem and it takes a lot of will power to stay away from Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc… especially during exam time, when it is even easier to get sidetracked from studying.

I feel like some times I learn more from social networking than I do from school. I learn real life stuff – you know, whats happening around the world, new things that are being developed, intense discussions about things people are passionate about – from eliminating poverty, to environmental issues to photography. I am not saying school is not useful or needed. IT DEFINITELY IS! BUT … I think we underestimate the power of social networking/professional networking and how much more relevant it is to our daily lives. I feel like I spend more time reading blogs, being on twitter, facebook and linkedin – talking to people who have concerns, have things to say, things we need to hear and learning stuff that means something to me and the world.

It’s hard to just study without resorting to these platforms because there is just so much information out there that people don’t feel that school is the only important thing.

Well thats my rant.


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